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DSH mentioned this video to me a few moments ago.  You have to see it!  >^..^<


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Awww, aren’t sleeping cats cute? They always find the most interesting places and positions, and I’m always tempted to hug them 🙂

Now I’m tired 😛

You can see other adorable critters at this week’s Camera Critters,

Camera Critters

and also more cats at this week’s Carnival of the Cats which will be up on Sunday afternoon.

Also, if you’d like to see some interesting websites related to cats, please visit my most recent Thursday Thirteen edition >^..^<

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This week’s TT features cat-related websites. If you like cats, I think you’ll enjoy this list >^..^<

1. Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers – If you also enjoy Celtic music, then this site melds the best of both worlds. Mark Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards has rewritten many well-known Celtic favorites with lyrics about cats. You’ll hear great songs like What Shall We Do with a Catnipped Kitty, Lord of the Pounce, Black is the Color (of My Cat’s Fur). You can hear some of these tunes at his website, linked above. Marc’s CDs are available at CDBaby.com. There are two CDs with cat songs, the rest are Celtic and are quite enjoyable. Marc also has a podcast, titled “Cat Lovers Podcast”, available free through iTunes.

2. I Love Cats – This site is a great resource for the cat lover, from breed information to clip art to games, names, funny videos and news.

3. Cats – Orisinal.com has some of the most imaginative games you’ll find on the internet. Cats is one of their best. In this game you have a few rows of cats. All the cats have to follow the action of the leader; if the leader sits, you have to make all the other cats sit. If the leader walks, make the other cats walk. As with all their games, this has wonderful graphics and music, and can be very addicting!

4. Stuff on My Cat – Have you ever been tempted to put stuff on your cat while he’s laying down, sleeping, or just being still? So have many other cat owners as you’ll see on this site. Some of these cats are incredibly patient, or they’re busy plotting their revenge 😛 Cats in Sinks – Speaking of sinks, how often do you find your cat in a sink? It seems some people find them in their sinks quite often!

5. Cats.com – The leading site with information about cats. You can learn about cat care, research health information, learn about cat behavior, and more. They also have a great question and answer section.

6. Math Cats – A great way to teach math, with very cute graphics 🙂

7. Rate My Kitten – This is another addicting site, where you can rate the photos of cats uploaded by people around the world.

8. The Infinite Cat Project – This is a fascinating premise. There are over 1,500 photos on this site, and each photo is of a cat viewing the photo of the cat watching the cat before it, and on and on until you get back to the cat that began this site, Frankie. Don’t understand? Visit the site, you’ll get it 🙂

9. CatsPlay.com – The ultimate shopping website for cat stuff.

10. Cat Coloring Pages – The name says it all…great coloring book pages with images of cats.

11. Mutts & Rose is Rose – Ok, I had to put my two favorite cats in comics on this list, and since they’re both in comics, I think they count as one. In Mutts, Mooch is a cute little black cat who loves pink socks,



and Peekaboo is the darling of Rose is Rose 🙂



12. I Can Has Cheezburger – This is probably the best site for cat photos and captions on the internet! You’ll spend your time laughing at these great photos and (often) hysterically funny captions.

13. And just in time for Halloween, Kitty Litter Cake! – This is a great recipe guaranteed to gross out your friends and family, but if they can get past the initial reaction, this tastes great 🙂 I made it for work one year, and the reactions of my coworkers were very funny 🙂 Here’s a photo of the one I made (and yes, everything was brand-new, never used, and washed 😛 ):

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Thursday Thirteen >^..^< Please feel free to leave links to other great cat sites in the comments, and enjoy other TT sites here 🙂

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Attack of The Mantis

The cats were out in the backyard late Monday night. We let them out when we’re home and usually bring them in when it gets dark.

On this particular evening I had gone to bed early and DSH was in the backyard with the cats. As I was falling asleep, he came in and woke me up to share this story:

Sir Riley the Cute was sitting under the fig tree enjoying the evening, unaware of the danger that loomed behind him. A large green praying mantis was on a course of confrontation. He was tired of being harassed by cats and was determined to make a stand for mantises everywhere.

As the mantis drew closer to Riley, images of loved ones tortured by felinious feline attacks filled his mind, and he knew what he had to do. It was risky, but it was time to strike back in the name of all mantises.

He crept up behind Riley and struck – once! Twice! His anger deepened as Riley turned, befuddled, to see what was attacking him.

Riley stared in shock at the mantis, wondering why this bright green invertebrate was hounding him.

At that moment, the mantis let the full force of his fury come out, and he leapt into the air in a move reminiscent of The Matrix and thwacked Riley soundly on the nose.

The mantis is up by Rileys nose in this shot.

The mantis is up by Riley's nose in this shot.

Riley reared back, amazed at the audacity of this mantis.

His fury expended, his mission complete, the mantis disappeared into the darkness, turning back once and vowing “I’ll be back!”

You can see more critters caught on camera at this blog:

Camera Critters

and at this Sunday’s Carnival of the Cats which will be hosted at Friends FurEver.

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This is great!

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What Cats Do on a Hot Day

What exactly do cats do on a hot day?

And there you have it! This is what cats do on a hot day >^..^<

Check out more cats (and other animals too) at the Carnival of the Cats on Sunday at Artsy Catsy.

You can also see more animals at:

Camera Critters

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Guilty As Charged

Yesterday at Walmart I bought a package of King’s Hawaiian Sweet Sandwich Rolls. When I got home, I set the bag containing the rolls down on a table and promptly forgot about it as I began fixing dinner for DSH.

As I was leaving for work this morning I saw the bag with the rolls, and one of the rolls was partially eaten!



I had no doubt who the culprit was, and I picked up the roll and marched to the bathroom where Sir Riley the Cute was on the counter drinking from his heart-shaped crystal water bowl.

The Culprit

The Culprit

I held the roll out so Riley could see the evidence and began the questioning.

“Riley, do you see this roll? Are you the one who did this? Well? I’m waiting for an answer. Are you the culprit?”

Riley turned from his bowl, sat on the edge of the counter and leaned forward to sniff the edge of the roll. Then he looked at me and meowed.

“Did you do this?” I asked.

He meowed again and then licked the edge of the roll before delicately nibbling the edges.

What on earth do you do with such a cute cat?

Too cute to punish

Too cute to punish

I guess I’ll give him more of the roll… 🙂

Please join us at The Modulator to see who else is boarding the Friday Ark >^..^<

You can also find us at this coming Sunday’s edition of the Carnival of the Cats at Counting Cats in Zanzibar.

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